Will Allen – about me

I am an independent systems scientist, action researcher and evaluator, with 30 years of experience in sustainable development and natural resource management.  Most of my work takes place in participatory and learning-based contexts, to help stakeholders develop a shared understanding around goals, actions and indicators.  I help people to bridge local, indigenous and organizational perspectives. Most of my work is team-based, and I specialise in supporting teams that are looking to work in inter-disciplinary and cross-cultural settings.  I strive to maintain active networks and and link closely with key associates as a way of contributing to my wider community of practice and supporting clients.

I am particularly interested in the development of planning, monitoring and evaluation tools that are outcome focused, and contribute towards efforts that foster social learning, sustainable development and adaptive management. I specialize in working in and supporting multi-stakeholder and integrated approaches in complex settings. Over the past 15 years I have developed and managed this site as an international clearinghouse for on-line resources around collaboration, social learning and adaptive management processes. I have experience in a wide range of methodologies, and in linking different methodologies to help client groups improve complex situations. The top bar menu provides an indication of the different areas and methods that I am familiar with. You can access full listings of my journal and book chapters here, and reviewed conference papers and technical reports here.

As an independent consultant and systems researcher I work with client teams to design, facilitate, and/or critically reflect on their wider management (or program or policy) processes including:

  • Creating cultures that support collaboration, learning and adaptive management
  • Scoping and program design
  • Developing outcomes-based performance management
  • Planning, monitoring and evaluation (PM&E)
  • Designing and facilitation of integrated and multi-stakeholder processes
  • Providing mentoring and advice in the above areas

Prior to developing my own consultancy and research practice – Will Allen & Associates – in 2010, I worked for Landcare Research where I led the Collaborative Learning for Environmental Management group. I am a founding member (and founding Board member) of the Aotearoa New Zealand Evaluation Association (ANZEA), and am currently a member of its Southern South Island Branch steering committee.  I have worked in both national and international research and development organisations, and bring experience from working with a wide range of different end-user stakeholder sectors.Much of my work is written up.

You are welcome to get in touch with me for further information about any of the topic areas covered in the website. I am also interested to share ideas, or discuss a potential involvement, with teams and organizations looking to use outcomes-oriented, participatory and collaborative approaches more effectively.