Useful Internet-based tools

Useful tools and pages ….

The world clock
This site gives you the time for anywhere in the world, clicking on the city gives you more information. Importantly, it also has a time zone meeting planner to help you find the best time to organise that skype call with colleagues in different parts of the world.

Stock photos

123RF Royalty free stock photos
123RF is a royalty-free digital media library that offers a wide variety of budget-friendly commercial and editorial images, video footage, audio clips, logo designs and illustrations.

15 Sites for Copyright and Royalty-Free Images
A 2020 post from Gavin Philips which lists a number of websites which either support or are fully composed of CC0 images available in the public domain. The owners of these images have allowed users to modify, edit, and use their images without copyright backlash.

Adobe Stock Free Collection
The new Adobe Stock free collection includes over 70,000 high-quality, photos, vectors, illustrations, templates, 3D assets, and videos, hand-curated from talented Adobe Stock artists. Its aim, according to a blog post, is to “make the means to create accessible to all”.

Flickr Creative Commons
Many Flickr users have chosen to offer their work under a Creative Commons license, and you can browse or search through content under each type of license.

The Weird Toy Space of Scavenged Public Domain Images
In this post Alan Levine provides some important reminders about ethics and using photos in the public domain. Worth a read. Also points to how to search Google Photos for free to reuse images.

Download Research Papers and Scientific Articles for free
This blog post from Citationsy links to five of the best websites you can use to download journal articles – especially for those without the resources of a dedicated academic library behind them.

XE currency converter
A currency tool, or calculator, that allows you to perform foreign exchange rate calculations on the Internet, using up-to-the-minute currency rates.