Managing conflict

There is a substantial difference between pursuing a collaborative approach within an already well-functioning situation, and trying to initiate collaboration in a social environment characterised by existing conflict. In the latter case the need for effective facilitation and expert mediation of conflicts is definitely greater.

Investing in multi-stakeholder dialogue to address natural resource competition and conflict
Blake Ratner et al. (2018) Development in Practice
This paper reminds us that it is important to find and mainstream approaches that transform the conflict potential of natural resources and harness their capacity to catalyse cooperation. Research has shown that natural resources have great potential to foster cooperation, transform or prevent conflicts, and build peace. The article details policy guidance in four areas: building stakeholder commitment, understanding the institutional and governance context, involving local groups in the policy reform process, and embracing adaptability in programme implementation.

Beyond intractability
Efforts to limit the terrible destructiveness commonly associated with intractable conflicts ultimately depend on the ability of people in a full range of conflict roles to successfully play their part in a broad peacebuilding effort. Though each circumstance is, to some degree, unique, there is also much to be learned from others who have solved similar problems before. The goal of the Beyond Intractability (BI) system is to make such knowledge more widely and freely accessible, so people aren’t forced to “reinvent the wheel.” The project does not advocate or teach one particular approach. Rather, it provides access to information on many approaches which can then be adapted to many different situations. The site is managed by Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess of the Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado.

The conflict resolution information source
CRInfo is a free, online clearinghouse, indexing more than 25,000 peace- and conflict resolution-related Web pages, books, articles, audiovisual materials, organizational profiles, events, and current news articles. In addition to its easy-to-use but powerful search engine, CRInfo (along with its partner project, Beyond Intractability) provides easy browsing of information on 600 peace- and conflict resolution-related topics. The site is managed by Guy Burgess and Heidi Burgess of the Conflict Research Consortium, University of Colorado.

Beyond Conflict to Consensus: An Introductory Learning Manual
This on-line manual by Bob Chadwick aims to help with managing conflict. If you have the desire or the intent to confront and resolve conflict, this manual can help teach you the skills. Every technique or question in here has purpose. In trying to understand the purpose, you will better understand conflict in human nature. The talking circle is the centerpiece of the consensus process because it encourages respectful listening. If you can only adopt one thing from this manual, adopt the talking circle.