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Learning for Sustainability (LfS) provides a comprehensive knowledge hub highlighting the wide range of skills and processes that are needed to support the constructive collaboration and joined-up action required for addressing complex issues. The site brings a wide range of annotated on-line resources from different sectors and geographic areas together in one easy to access place.

Connecting with cutting-edge practice

Key links are sourced that build on experience gained in the sustainable development, natural resource management, public health and agricultural sectors. Indicated resources are open access and freely available. Popular topics include:

Cross-sector partnerships

By sharing information, resources, activities, and capabilities we can achieve constructive change

Systems Thinking

Helping us see the big picture to benefit from more holistic and relational views

Theory of Change

Improving complex program understanding, planning, management, and evaluation

Planning, monitoring and evaluation

Linking these activities can play a major role in enhancing the effectiveness of interventions

Systemic Design

Integrating systems and design thinking to encourage innovative systems change

Will Allen graphic

Will Allen

I am an independent systems scientist, action researcher and evaluator, with 30 years of experience in sustainable development and natural resource management. Most of my work takes place in participatory and learning-based contexts, to help stakeholders develop a shared understanding around goals, actions and indicators.

A framework developed through practice

The site framework has been developed through the course of my work – which looks to support policy and management initiatives that are outcome focused – and involve constructive engagement, co-design, adaptation and reflective practice.

Will Allen & Associates provide an experienced research and consulting team that can help you put these approaches into practice.

We’d love to hear from you

You are welcome to get in touch with me for further information about any of the topic areas covered in the website. I am also interested to share ideas, or discuss a potential involvement, with teams and organizations looking to use outcomes-oriented, participatory and collaborative approaches more effectively.

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