Checklists for social processes

Checklists are a useful way of making sure that social processes are kept on track. The act of going through the checklist helps learning, and builds capacity in the job at the same time. The sites on this page provide checks for processes including team building, evaluation and multi-stakeholder processes.

www_iconEvaluation Checklists Web site This site provides evaluation specialists and users with refereed checklists for designing, budgeting, contracting, staffing, managing, and assessing evaluations of programs, personnel, students, and other evaluands; collecting, analyzing, and reporting evaluation information; and determining merit, worth, and significance. Each checklist is a distillation of valuable lessons learned from practice.

www_iconA checklist for evaluating team performance This tool provides a checklist of the factors that are important to the effective management and growth of teams. It is intended to be used by the team members themselves to guide their thinking about the key things that make teams work, whether or not they were doing them, and whether what they are doing could be improved. The process encourages participants to reflect upon their own performance, rather than study a list of ‘how- to’s’ that might seem self evident and would be unlikely to be retained. The process works with the goals the teams had set for themselves.

A Checklist for MSP Designers Chapter 8 of Minu Hemmati’s book, “Multi-stakeholder Processes for Governance and Sustainability – Beyond Deadlock and Conflict (Earthscan / UNED Forum, January 2002), offers some principles and a checklist practical guide to designing multi-stakeholder processes.

Web page evaluation checklist This checklist from Berkley aims to help students think through how useful and reputable any particular web site or information is.  Another similar page is Evaluating webpages www_icon from Duke University.