Meaningful Water Management: Monitoring and Evaluation

Here you can find a collection of resources on an effective monitoring and evaluation systems for water resource management.

With a growing world population and with an increasing frequency of extreme environmental events the need for good water management is becoming more and more important.

For any meaningfully management of water, there needs to a tailored monitoring and evaluation systems put into  place. In addition, for it to have the and ability to work towards sustainability it also needs to be an adaptive management system so can take into account changing circumstances.

Below are two components common to effective monitoring and evaluation systems. A model called” The Policy Cycle model” which acknowledges that effective programmes advance and change through successive policy cycles of planning, implementation and reassessment. The second one is an analytical framework “DPSIR (Drivers, Pressures, States, Impacts, Responses)” that lets you look at and analyse the important and interlinked relationship between social and environmental factors.



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