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Social marketing

The first steps on the pathway to sustainability can often be seeen in initiatives that seek to reduce waste and pollution, increase water and energy efficiency, improve people's health and change car-based transportation patterns. Social marketing is a key approach whose aim is to influence and support constructive change in environmental, social and health campaigns. Social marketing is an adaptable approach, increasingly being used to achieve and sustain behaviour relevant to a range of social issues and topics. It is significantly different from commercial marketing despite the fact that its basis lies in the borrowing of the latter's concepts and tools. One of the main differences is that social marketing is charged with increasingly complex and ambitious goals - often with the provision of very few resources. The accompanying LfS Sparks for change blog looks at one underlying framework Cialdini's six principles of persuasion. More on this and other frameworks and guides that support fsocial marketing campaigns that work are provided through the links below.