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Learning for sustainability (LfS) site update (Mar 2013)

Links to posts about outcomes, results-based management and complexity

Over the past month I've written a series of short blog postings for the Learning for Sustainability (LfS) website that collectively introduce some key concepts underlying new initiatives in results-based management in policy, program management and development circles. The thinking that is outlined in these postings crosses many sectors, evident through recent international conferences and journal papers in fields such as evaluation, international development and health. The postings cover outcomes, intervention logic models, evaluation, program design, theory of change and complexity. They all point to LfS pages providing additional resources in each theme, and highlight how these themes can link with others in practice.

Each posting also gives you the option to directly link to current reports, papers and other web material on each topic through the main Learning for Sustainability LfS) portal. Please feel free to forward this email update to interested colleagues. If the topics referred to here are ones that you are currently interested in, or working on, then it would be great to hear from you.

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The LfS site provides ready access to resources that help practitioners looking to address the social and capacity building aspects of managing collective interests within complex decision making environments. It highlights the wide range of social skills and processes that are needed to support constructive collaboration, and indicates how these skills and processes can be interwoven to achieve more integrated and effective outcomes. It brings links to several hundred annotated on-line resources from different sectors and geographic areas together in one easy to access place, and it specializes on providing links to open access materials.

Feedback is welcomed, and those working in the area are encouraged to suggest material to add. Thanks to those of you who have pointed to papers, reports and other material for inclusion, and sharing among the wider global community of practice in this area. This update newsletter is generally posted 2/3 times a year (although the Christchurch earthquakes have interrupted that record in recent times). If you have been forwarded this email and want to be added to the email list you can subscribe through the LfS update subscription page. You can also contact me directly.

Wishing you all the best with your ongoing activities.

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Dr Will Allen
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