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Planning, monitoring and evaluation: approaches, toolkits & tools

This page begins with links to the growing number of portal sites emerging that are providing services to bring a wider range of pm&e sources together. You are already at the Learning for Sustainability pm&e portal, and there are a number of others - particularly focusing on m&e resources and practice. The second section provides annotated links to emerging approaches, tools & methodologies. These portal sites are all good places to start, especially if readers are looking for generic support.

Emerging approaches, tools & methodologies

Contemporary evaluation approaches routinely promote the involvement of a wide range of stakeholders, employing methods that allow a more equal opportunity for the expression of views and sharing of lessons. Social learning and empowerment are based on each other. Empowerment is the process of enhancing the capacity of individuals or groups to make choices and to transform those choices into desired actions and outcomes.These approaches are not just used in community projects, but are now mainstream within organisations, institutions and other agencies.