Evaluation-based portals and guides

This page begins with links to the growing number of portal sites emerging that are providing services to bring a wider range of PM&E sources together. You are already at the Learning for Sustainability PM&E portal, and there are a number of others – particularly focusing on m&e resources and practice. The second section provides annotated links to emerging approaches, tools & methodologies. These portal sites are all good places to start, especially if readers are looking for generic support.


An international collaboration to improve evaluation practice and theory by sharing information about options (methods or tools) and approaches. The site aims to guide you through the rapidly expanding range of choices available to you when planning and designing evaluation activities. With BetterEvaluation you can find and discover options and useful resources, share your experiences and learn with peers.


Evaluation Checklists Web site
This site provides evaluation specialists and users with refereed checklists for designing, budgeting, contracting, staffing, managing, and assessing evaluations of programs, personnel, students, and other evaluands; collecting, analyzing, and reporting evaluation information; and determining merit, worth, and significance. Each checklist is a distillation of valuable lessons learned from practice.

A step by step guide to Monitoring and Evaluation
This 2014 guide from the School of Geography and Environment, Oxford University provides a useful checklist for the expert and a how-to guide for people new to project monitoring and evaluation. As a bonus, it uses examples and illustrations for increased clarity. The methodical and accessible approach it adopts is useful for both experts and amateurs, and it provides forms and templates that help you structure a comprehensive project monitoring and evaluation framework.

IFRC — Project monitoring and evaluation (M&E) guide
This 2011 guide for International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC)  is ideal for those responsible for project monitoring but also useful for volunteers, donors, and partners involved in a development program. The guide is divided into 3 sections — the first focuses on the conceptual framework for M&E; the second focuses on six key steps for M&E; and further, the appendix provides additional tools, resources, and projects for M&E.